Hiking trail Belvedere 4.5 km

Hiking trail Belvedere lies in the untouched nature, rich island flora and many beautiful views on the landscape and breathtaking Korčula archipelago.


Olive Tree Trail
(Biking) 20,5 km

The trail takes you through the olive groves to Karbuni and from there to Potirna.



This area is known for its rich flora and fauna and special underwater rock formations. The huge walls filled with red and yellow gorgonians, soft sponges and corals, with colorful animals make diving in the waters of Korčula very interesting and exciting.

korcula climate


The island of Korčula and Blato are in the zone of the Adriatic type of the Mediterranean climate. Its summers are long, quiet, dry and warm with many sunny days, and winters are mild and humid.

kumpanija,blato, korcula

“the battle dance“

Knight’s society Kumpanija is a folk ensamble that keeps traditional dances and costoms from Blato. The most interesting is the sword dance Kumpanija that is accompanied with a drum and a bagpipe. During the summer Kumpanija and other dances are performed weekly on the square in front of the parish church



Blato got its name after the lake that used to be in the valley between Blato and Vela Luka. In the Proto-Slavic “blato“ means any large body of water and it also gave the name to the Hungarian Balaton Lake.

lumblija-love story of one French soldier and local girl from Blato


The story behind the blatska lumblija is a love story of one French soldier and local girl from Blato. The two of them needed to separate after the French army left in 1811, and when the soldier was about to leave he gave her a cake he made from the available ingredients, telling her: N’oublie pas (Don't forget me). As she didn’t understand French, she heard the word lumblija and that’s how the cake's name came to be.



Oliver Dragojevic is from Vela Luka of Korcula Island. Deeply influenced with Dalmatian culture and natural beauty that surrounded his life, Oliver was exposed to music since his early age. His road to stardom begun in mid 70’s, especially after releasing his song “Galeb i Ja” which became an instant hit and an evergreen of Croatian music. What followed were decades of fascinating career, coupled with successful album releases, influential awards and performances across the world.

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